Well, hello boys ….

And how are we all this week?

Now the twinkly lights, baubles and sexy Santa costumes have all been packed away for another year life looks a little bit drab, doesn’t it? It’s been a very long holiday though and I’m sure a lot of you are glad to get back to a normal routine, it makes you appreciate ‘normal life’ that little bit more. I am glad its all over, for me Christmas came with a stinking head cold (NO, not the BIG C) and the job of having to fish a 40kg labrador out of the hot tub (a Christmas present) on more than one occasion – which plays havoc with my back and my filter!

You might see her, smiling at ya Don’t get over-excited, unless you’re invited You can’t touch her Because she’s up on the screen It’s never gonna mean That she belongs to you In the street or the office Treat her like a goddess Or you’ll be hurting too!! If you can’t read the signs You’re trying too much Well here’s the headline

Look but don’t touch 

Wise words from Dame Shirley – please take note. Our lovely receptionists do a great job of looking after you, don’t you agree? Most of you have great relationships with them, but there’s the odd one of you who may be of the opinion that because they are nice to you, you’re in with a chance…..I get the whole ‘forbidden fruit is sweeter’ thing but we all know that that doesn’t end well. so it’s a NO……NO GOOSING/GROPING THE RECEPTIONISTS !!!

On a happier note, AWESOME AMY is back with a BANG – and those LOVELY NEW HUGE TITS made their debut this week……..enhancing the full-on PORN STAR EXPERIENCE this superstar offers……so if you like your service HOT AND HORNY you need to pay our girl a visit……

We have strict Covid hygiene codes at BROOKLYNS and really appreciate your co-operation.

See you up the stairs,